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Then I realized,I was too broken to fix him and if I stayed,if we stayed,we would only break each other more than we were already broken .

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and I feel like my life is just a sad love song playing over and over and over again
But I clutch to that tune and it’s lyrical despair because the truth is if the song ever changed and it became happy,it would be a song I was singing without…………

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You don’t do that to people
You don’t just walk back in to people lives
Disrupt everything and resurrect feelings
Then just walk away again
You just don’t fucking do that….

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I’m not an insecure person and all the arguing ain’t because of low self-esteem or self confidence. The truth is I’m dead scared to lose you,it fucking hurts just thinking about it ..

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God why do I keep doing this ?
Why? God I’m so stupid..I keep going back,taking him back again and again.
Nothing changes,he’s the same,does the same thing,shoves the knife in my heart the same way..Oh God why am i doing myself this ?
I deserve better ..I know this..I know I do but oh God I just can’t let go

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